Past Talks

Date Speaker Title
3/04/2015 Christian Solari University of Buenos Aires The evolutionary ecology of multicellularity: the volvocine green algae as a case study
3/02/2015 Sam Brown (University of Edinburgh) After antibiotics: can we make evolution-proof drugs?
2/05/2015 Betul Kacar (Harvard OEB and Georgia Tech) Engineering modern microbes with ancient genes to understand functional innovation
1/26/2015 Ali Berens (Iowa State University) Comparative transcriptomics of complex social behaviors
12/08/2014 Levi Moran (Emory University) How nematode sex yielded potential answers to one of evolution’s greatest mysteries (yet provided little insight into the evolution of nematode sex)
11/17/2014 Thomas Keller (Georgia Tech, Yi Lab) Identifying species-specific patterns of brain methylation in 3 primate species
10/13/2014 Samantha Waters (Georgia Tech, Konstantinidis Lab) How does Bacillus subtilis respond and adapt to low-pressure growth?
05/21/2014 Patrick McGrath (Georgia Tech) 50 years of solitude: The genetic basis of laboratory adaptation in the nematode C. elegans
04/30/2014 Nicole Gerardo (Emory University) Evolutionary implications of microbial friends and foes in insect systems
03/28/2014 William Harcombe (University of Minnesota) Synthetic Microbial Communities: Integrating Systems Biology with Evolutionary Ecology
02/24/2014 Paul Rainey (Massey University & Max Planck Institute) Cooperation, conflict and the major evolutionary transition to multicellularity
01/29/2014 Jiaqi Tan (Jiang Lab) Temporal and spatial niches influence biodiversity during adaptive radiation
12/04/2013 Mike Weigand (Kostas Lab) Genome evolution underlying host colonization in Enterococcus faecalis
11/06/2013 Eryn Bernardy (Hammer Lab) Evolution of an epidemic: Cholera in Haiti
10/02/2013 Karl Glastad (Goodisman Lab) A connection between DNA methylation and ploidy in the fire ant
09/04/2013 Mike Cortez (Weitz Group) The eco-evolutionary dynamics of predator-prey systems: How does evolution alter community level population dynamics?
05/23/2013 Todd Streelman Developmental constraints on genome evolution in adaptive radiation
05/23/2013 Soojin Yi Epigenomic evolution of human brains and the origins of neuropsychiatric diseases
04/23/2013 Lavanya Rishishwar (Jordan Group) Ancestry, admixture & selection in an Afro-Colombian genome